Welcome back! 
I recommend THAT you sign up ASAP. We may have to limit memberships or put the membership prices up for new members. So, the sooner you join the better!
Please relax and trust that we have put in many measures IN PLACE to keep you safe and have followed the government guidelines. We have put in more measures than many local gyms.
We have limited our capacity, started temperature checks, easy to access hand cleaning stations, shields up in front of machines, many stations with cleaning products on to wash down machines, dedicated time slots, natural airflow from the large shutter door and windows, some equipment out of order to maintain a safe distance, facemasks provided if you want one, every member gets their own cloth that you use to wipe everything down, sale of personal hand sanitiser and limited bookings a week.
We recommend you wear a face mask, however you do not have to.
Remember you are responsible for your own actions.

How the booking of a workout slot will work for you.

  • You now will be required to book your gym slot on a phone app called Gymsync.

  • Please download it from the app store.

  • Your workout slot will last 1hr. We politely ask that you leave as soon as your 1hr is up.

  • If you fail to turn up for your gym slot, you will be banned from the booking for 5days.


  • Try to get changed at home and have showers at home

  • If you have a car, please keep your items in the car and not our lockers

  • Feel free to take equipment outside

  • We highly recommend you wear a mask. If you don't have one, we can provide you one. However, mask wearing is your decision.

  • Limit your phone use in the gym

  • Buy and bring your own hand sanitiser 

How you will enter, workout and leave the gym

  • First of all, relax! You are in safe hands.

  • Wait in your car or form a line outside of the gym and wait to be let in.

  • Come into the reception to sign in. We are allowing only one member in at a time. So if you see a member in the reception, just wait for them to move on.

  • You may have your temperature taken. This is not intrusive.

  • You will get your own blue cloth to wipe down machines. Then put it in the laundry basket at the end

  • Wash your hands before you start your workout, with one of our hand sanitiser pumps or your own cleaner. 

  • Workout and be mindful of other members.

  • Use one of our cleaning stations to wipe down your equipment after use.

  • When you leave, you do not need to sign out. Just leave via any fire exit, shutter door, or door with the orange floor.

Wilmotts Gym, Unit 4 & 5 Newark Close, The Quadrant, Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 5HL |  Tel: 01763 250 824


OPENING HOURS: Weekdays 6AM - 9.30PMSaturdays 8AM - 4PM Sundays 8AM - 5PM

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