We have implemented many effective strategies so you can have the safest workout possible.

All booking slots are 2hours long, you can turn up and leave at any time within the 2hour window you have booked.

We have screens in the gym to act as breakers for transmission.

All members must wash their hands and take around a wipe in the gym. We then wash them and disinfect them.

We have many handwashing stations in the gym and also a rigorous cleaning rota.

One of the best things about working out in our gym is we have AMAZING ventilation, we have a huge industrial shutter door for fresh air and many windows. You should feel very safe when in the gym with this type of fresh air circulation.

Please visit out Facebook to watch the video of when the town Mayor came down and looked at the methods we have for a COVID Safe gym environment.

The rules and sign in process

1) Book your session on an app called gymsync

2) Enter into the gym one at a time

3) sign in, take your own temperature, wash your hands.

4) take your personal blue cloth. WIPE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU USE

5) when you leave put the cloth into the laundry bin


  • Try to get changed at home and have showers at home

  • If you have a car, please keep your items in the car and not our lockers

  • Feel free to take equipment outside

  • We recommend you wear a mask. If you don't have one, we can provide you one. However, mask-wearing is your decision AND NOT REQUIRED IN GYMS.

  • Limit your phone use in the gym

  •  bring your own hand sanitizer

HANDS (1).png
Blue on white spray bottle