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Total Fit class offers a intelligent look into how you train

Our Body Analysis machine provides a comprehensive analysis of health and fitness, allowing you to accurately and effectively monitor your progress over time. All body composition measurements are provided via Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) 

Total Fit Class is a 45'min class three times a week. You will work on all components of fitness, not just the one.

your trainers will motivate you all the way.

We get high quality data on your body from our machine which helps us monitor your progress and gives you a huge insight into your health and actually shows your progression.


If getting fit, toned and drop weight sounds good then this class is for you. We grantee you will look and feel better after staying dedicated to this class plan.

What can we get from our Body Analysis machine?

​Measures Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Body Water, Fat Free Mass, Fat Mass , Body Fat %, Muscle Mass , Protein Mass, Skeletal Muscle, Metabolic Age, Visceral Fat Level, Body Balance Evaluation, Obesity Analysis, Body Type Analysis, Muscle Quality and so much more!

STEP 1. Get your current body composition results.

Jump on the body analysis machine and get a HUGE amount of data on your health.

It takes 15sec and non intrusive.

Step 2. Talk to a trainer.

Sit down with a trainer and discuss your results and understand what they mean

Step 3. Attend your first Total Fit class!

Now the fun starts! Let's work on improving them results! You will look and feel so much better with a the next step on the horizon to motivate you!

Step 4! Repeat

One month after your first class we will put you back on the Body Analysis machine and see if you are progressing and what we can do to improve!

We will do this every month.