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Hey! Wilmotts is an affordable, easy to use, friendly gym. You do not pay extra for stuff you will not use. We have a personal trainer always on shift and offer you free monthly Personal Training session. Oh, and no contract or expensive on peak or off peak times.


Now it maybe likely that you have already looked at other gyms websites, you may of realised that some of these gyms won't even tell you a basic price that you would be paying for gym use. If you're lucky enough to find the price, it's probably full of, off peak, on peak, commission, contracts, induction fees, age requirements, pay up front for, blah..blah...blah. It's confusing and frankly off putting.

At Wilmotts we don't see why you should pay huge membership costs for things you may not even use (swimming pool, classes, saunas, badminton). We created just a gym with a very low membership fee. Contract is a scary word, so we agreed to never put you in a contract. Your membership is totally in your hands.

Apart from the price, we really have focused on the little extras that make a huge difference and almost certainly added to our ever growing popularity. We offer all members a free Personal training session a month, we always have a member of staff who knows what they are doing to help you (unless you are lucky enough to get nanny Wilmott on shift...she can not help you with bench press..yet), we will speak to you by your name and due to our small management chain, if anything breaks in the gym we can get it fixed ASAP. Our music is what people want from a gym and our classes are simply amazing.

Wilmotts Gym staff are seriously passinate at what they do and will always be around to help and motivate you. Anyone who talks of our gym always comments on how welcoming and friendly all the members and staff are, it is truly a lovely atmosphere!

Our equipment is brilliant, there is everything you need. It is very modern and easy to use. Some of it was even used in the Beijing Olympics for the athletes in training. Many times we have been told we have the best weight room in Royston. Upstairs we have a fully kitted out Cardio room, full of treadmills, cross trainers, steppers, bikes and rowers. Next door to the cardio we have a room for mats and functional training. Everything was thought out in a physiological manner so you feel as comfortable as can be when training. We are very much against fad gym equiptment, you will not find power plates here!

The VERY short version of how it started.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I started the gym by myself on the 8th November 2014. Within under a year we needed to expand the gym floor. We grew so fast I was shocked. Within a year we knocked through to the other unit next door, doubling the gym floor space. We took only a few members of staff on at the very start of the business as I done the majority of the hours. Gradually we collected an awesome work force who all offer something different to the gym. When we expanded we knew we wanted to offer some classes, because in the first year we was forced to run small classes on the gym floor, which always got in peoples way. Due to the expansion we made a classroom and we have been running classes ever since. A few months into the expansion and I was getting slightly frustrated with the equipment not working 100%, so we went for a full refurbish only a year and half in and kitted the gym our with Olympic grade quality machines. I made Wilmotts Gym beacuse Royston needed a friendly, easy to use gym. I was and still will be the most affordable and well equipt gym in Royston. We made sure contracts where not part of our vocabulary or on peak and off peak memberships. Wilmotts is now a social hub for all fitness abilitys and people alike, our members make Wilmotts a very chilled gym to join.

I seriously do mean it when I say the gym has not slowed down since it's open day. Every month we are thinking of new ideas and making changes, from painting to new equipment. It's really been hard work and a lot of dedication has been put into Wilmotts Gym. We truly believe in our gym and want to keep it at it's number one spot I know we have in Royston. We owe it all to our members who trusted in the Wilmotts Gym concept when we had only 4 pieces of equipment, thank you!


Weekdays - 0600 - 2130

Saturday - 0800 - 1600

Sunday -  0800 - 1700





01763 250824


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Unit 4 & 5, Wilmotts Gym

Newark Close, The Quadrant

Royston, Hertfordshire


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