''Hi, i am Sam Wilmott and i opened Wilmott's Gym in 2014 to offer an affordable, no contract and non-judgmental gym in Royston.

We are unique due to our generous membership options, our very advanced body analysis machine combined with our Total Fit class, large amount of kit, and friendly service.

We are a very friendly and motivating place to workout without the restraints and large prices of commercial gyms.

we have a fully kitted out gym from cardio to having the largest weight selection in royston.

We have people from all backgrounds of fitness. from the total novice to the more advanced.

All of us are super proud of what we have created and we hope you join us! You will not be in a contract, so what could go wrong?!''

"A very nice friendly gym all staff are happy and friendly best gym I've used in a long time very good value for money" - Nick


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"Sweating sorry should I say, glowing after boxing this afternoon ! It was awesome totally what I have been after" - Lynsey

"Just had a really good one day sesh for £6. Music was pumping lots of good lifting equipment. Staff was helpful and so was one of the members who showed me the lower ab machine. I would definitely go back." - Wayne

"Best gym ever I have been too people are fab" - Allan

"I love this gym, everyone is friendly and the price is amazing!!" - Louise

"Please look no further..this gym is by far the best in Royston. Family ran, helpful staff and even members, well priced, loads of free parking, amazing equiptment, free training sessions a month, what more do you need?" -  Charlie

"The price is spot on. Hidden gem of a gym. Awesome staff that create a completly relaxed atmosphere. You are mad if you go elsewhere in Royston" - Izzy

"Having never been to a gym in my life , I plucked up the courage to join this gym . I'm so pleased I did ! It has everything you need to become fit and healthy .... Great equipment great atmosphere and great trainers ! ... Thanks Barry" - Jackie



If we don't have it, you don't need it! 

We are kitted out head to toe and happily brag about our 4 rooms full of exercise equipment for every single fitness goal under the sun!



We have the largest weight selection in Royston compromising of two full floors. From Hack squats to Preacher curls, we truly do have everything you need to build a strong and toned body!

Our Plate loaded machines where used for training teams in the Beijing Olympics!



Fresh air, interesting exercises and pure fun!

We have a long strip of grass for tyre flips, tyre hammers, sprints, TRX and so much more. 

Or maybe when the suns out take your ab work outdoors!



Situated in it's own private world upstairs that creates a lovely atmosphere where you are free to sweat, huff and puff in total confidence.

We have everything you need for a motivated session in the airy cardio rooms!

We also have the much loved Stair Master! Great for the bum muscles! OH, and an AirBike!

Woman Doing A Box Squat At The Gym.jpg

changing rooms

Ok, them big commercial shower rooms can be a little awkward, so we have shower rooms that are private and all yours.


Functional and stretch room

Enjoy chucking Kettle-bells around? Or working on your flexibility? Perfect! Because we have room with plenty of mats and functional training equipment.

It's also always having things added to it! Bonus!