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Gym information

Like all gyms we have a set of fair membership rules and safety precautions in place so we can protect you, Wilmott's Gym and the staff.

This is so all members can have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable time at the gym. 

When you attend the gym you sign a Par-Q form, this is the industry standard health questionnaire. You will also sign that you agree that gyms hold an element of risk and you are willing to take this risk.

Please read bellow our gym standard, and if you do not agree with any of the rules please reconsider training at Wilmott's Gym. If you ever have any issues you are encouraged to contact us via email, Facebook, Instagram or phone call.

General practice in the gym & terms and conditions to be upheld & agreed by all attending members and day passes .

  • You are aware that typing your name on our sign in sheet means that other people can see your name. If you do not want this, you must tell a member of staff so we can make the suitable changes for you. Upon typing your name on the sign in sheet you agree you consent that other members will see you name.

  • Wilmott's Gym is not responsible for any loss or damage of belongings. If handing your items to the receptionist or trainer you agree and understand that we are not responsible for any loss.

  • You must be 15 or older to use the gym alone. Teens between the age of 15-16 must have an induction & a parental form completed. Children under the age of 13 are unfortunately  not allowed in the gym. Children between the age of 13-14 must attend the gym with an adult if they wish to use the gym and complete a parental consent form.

  • The locker key to your locker is your responsibility. The locker must be emptied at the end of your session and not used as a "personal locker" outside of the gym.

  • All members must put equipment back after use in the correct spot and make an active effort to keep the gym tidy and clean.

  • Members must wear clean and suitable sports clothing example: shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirts, leggings, trainers etc. Unsuitable sports clothing is items such as: work boots, jeans, crocs, flip flops etc.

  • We do everything in our power to make sure equipment is as safe as possible but you agree that using gym equipment holds a risk of injury or death. If you see something that looks dangerous  you must inform a member of staff ASAP and not use that equiptment

  • Equipment breaking and damage to the building too such as: radiators, pipes, taps etc can happen. Accidents happen, we accept this. However, if we have a strong reason that you was mistreating the equipment, incorrectly using equipment or the building at the time of damage you may be asked to pay for its repair or replacement.

  • Every member must act with respect to staff and members. Failure to act respectfully to staff in the gym or via online will result in instant termination of a membership.

  • Training with the upper-body exposed and/or lower-body exposed is prohibited on the gym floor. Working out with the upper body exposed is okay for outside workouts.

  • Change of your medical circumstances and/or health must be made aware to the gym staff. You can do this via email also.

  • Open bottles and glass bottles are prohibited in the gym.

  • Equipment bags should be always in a safe place when working out.

  • Use of illegal drugs and cigarettes to strictly forbidden on or around the gym, this also included the use of anabolic steroids. 

  • If you use needles for a health condition please let us know and we can help you dispose of the needles safely.

  • Showers and toilets:  Please  leave them clean and tidy for the next person and clean up any wet floor from the shower. If the floor is wet and you can't dry it, please inform staff so we can prevent slips.

  • Filming and photography is allowed in the gym. However, be careful not capture other members in the media without their permission.

  • If at any point you are unsure how to use equipment do not use it until shown.

  • All members are allowed as many inductions as they require. Please email us to arrange  this. 

  • Only Wilmott's Gyms approved trainers are allowed to train people at the gym.

As agreed on your Par-q, you cannot ask for membership payments back due to inactivity of membership use or any other reason. You fully understand that it's completely your responsibility to cancel your membership, not the gyms.

We appreciate everyone who comes into the gym & we are keen to help you and any questions you ever have.

Many thank's Wilmott's Gym

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