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Personal Trainer


What is a personal trainer (PT) ?


I've been working in a gym environment for over 11 years. In that time i was part owner ot another gym local to me, i started a successful assault course Boot-camp, kids PE sessions and opened a Sports Massage clinic.

I have a huge amount of experience Personal Training people & working in the rehabilitation of injuries.


Clients have ranged from training to run Marathon des Sables in the Sahara Desert to the busy mum who just wishes to get strong & healthy.

Personally i take part in many activity's which require me to maintain my own fitness such as mountain sports from skiing, hiking to mountaineering. I'm also part of a Search and Rescue team.


I simply believe fitness should be relevant, engaging, and pre planned progression.

Hi, I’m katie, I am currently training to be a level 4 personal trainer! Hoping to pass on my passion,positivity & knowledge for fitness and health to others!


At the beginning of my fitness journey, I was uneducated and lacked a lot of confidence in the gym, but this soon changed once I found guidance and passion for fitness (especially love for the squat rack).


From confidence I gained in the gym environment, it significantly changed my life in all aspects, as I finally gained confidence within myself, which is what I want others to experience!


My main priorities as a training PT are to enlighten my clients on the benefits fitness has, while helping & supporting them achieve their goals, using personalized fitness and nutrition plans.


The final goal I want for my clients is to fall in love with looking after their body and mind during the journey to their dream physiques!


I’m Abby, a newly qualified Personal Trainer thanks to Lockdown finally giving me the time to train in something I’ve been so passionate about for a long time! ⠀

When I first attended the gym, I completed a full body transformation and totally fell in love with fitness and lifting weight!! Since this point and seeing how much it changed my life I’ve wanted to become a personal trainer and help others feel healthier, happier and stronger! ⠀

My main goals as a PT is to provide my clients with a positive mindset and the knowledge and confidence when training to make the most of their time in the gym. ⠀

So here I am! To help you with your physique, mindfulness and nutrition!