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A little about me..

I will keep this short! As Personal Training is about you..not me.

Since 15 i have been working and training people in gyms. I have gained 17 years of endless experience. You can have 100% trust that will do everything in my power to help you reach your goals.

Personally, i love getting out into the mountains and training in Brazilian jujitsu. Of course, i enjoy the gym but i see the gym now more as supplement to help me be able to be effective in the activities i love to do.


Granted, I am not old (32), but training for me is also about being the best version of myself so i can go into older age the most resilient version of myself I can be.

I have also spent a few years working in a Search and Rescue team, where being fit is very important!


I have climbed many mountains and love a good challenge.

I've worked in Sports massage, boot-camp owner, and now Gym owner.

I also have a rather bad arthritic  spine condition, where i have managed to keep it under control by exercise.

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How can i help you?

Training people to simply be stronger, fitter, and healthier is what i do best.

All my sessions are obviously tailored and subjective to your required outcome.

Diving into a session is not my style.

Your first session is detailed discussion on your goals, how you move, your experience, and any injuries i need to be aware about.

I only train people who are looking to be fitter, drop a few pounds & become stronger (Maybe all three is your goal?). I only focus on this, as it's the area i do great in with clients. I am not a jack of all trades Personal Trainer! Making your Mr or Mrs Olympia is not my style.

However, without your commitment you will not get the results you want!

I have a busy life with my business, family and sports, I totally understand the time restrictions we are all under. Therefore i am keen to make your life work around the gym, not the gym to consume your life. 

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Why I'm different..

The big difference is i am the gym owner of Wilmott's Gym, and i can offer you exclusive Personal Training options that many trainers can't.

For example - if we have a weight loss goal, we can do one session a week together and i can give you a free gym pass for twos sessions a week by yourself with a written down plan.

Not only can i offer you exclusive options, but this is all i know, i have spent my entire working life training people and getting results.


My workouts are far from Instagram workouts or just random sessions put together 10mins before the session!

I am all about structure, planning and give you opportunitys.


PRICES for one to one, or group training

The gym sessions are sessions at Wilmotts Gym. You can come in anytime in our open hours, this will really help your progress.

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Price - 5 one hour sessions £175
10 one hour sessions - £310 (Best value)

Please message us to have more information.

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